I've been wanting to showcase my love of photography for quite some time now. These pictures were taken back in September, but life has gotten so hectic I haven't been able to update my blog as often as I would like. Although, that is no excuse it's simply the truth. Anyway, back to Ally. I first met her when we both participated in a modeling workshop for our agency JEA. I thought her hair was gorgeous and her freckles were adorable. She is truly a sweet girl and her mom is a firecracker. We met again when we both walked in the Mistletoe Marketplace fashion show in Jackson last November. Again, a genuine fun interaction.

I asked our agent Jamie would it be possible for my friend and I to do a couple of test shoots for some of the models portfolios. She said yes and that is when I learned I would be working with Ally! I am so happy my friend and I were able to bring these amazing photos to life. Jamie specified that she wanted a natural look and that is what we did. Ally is such a natural beauty this shoot was super simple.

We wanted to keep the attention on her natural features: curly hair, blue eyes, freckles. Got it. We shot with the Cannon R5 and The Cannon T7i with the nifty fifty lens for the photos. I did very minimal editing, barely any editing at all to be honest. I used some of my custom Lightroom presets and that was it. We were able to shoot, cull, and edit these photos all in a day. Unheard of! All and all it took about four hours. Working with a parter was something I knew I always wanted, but I didn't understand how easy and efficient it would make my work load. Having a model with experience, working with another photographer with the same creative eye, and working with an agent that allows my creativity to flow is a blessing. I have to learn to be in the moment sometimes and be thankful for where I am. I get caught up in finding what my next project is. Sometimes I need to learn to be happy where I am.