I think it's crazy how life comes full circle sometimes. Some like to call it faith, a coincidence, a happenstance whatever word tickles your fancy. I just think it's ironic how you can meet someone without officially meeting them. I have "known" Michaela for years now. We both circle around the pageant world, even competing in the same local system, but we never talked during that interaction. We even got signed to the same modeling agency which is kind of unheard of. Two pageant girls, competing in the same system, get signed to the same agency, but yet neither have met each other. Weird, I know but welcome to the entertainment business I guess.

I say all this to say that even though we have been in the same world, we were never really in the same "world." Well that is until I asked my agent if I could photograph some models for their portfolio's (yes the same conversation that also included me shooting for Ally, you would know that if you read my last blog post ;)) Michaela was one of the models selected. I didn't know how to feel about our official meeting. What would I say? "Hey, do you remember me the girl you never met?" Not the ideal conversation to say the least.

In all honesty, It wasn't awkward at all. I had my good friend Kyndra with me so if anything got too weird she could break the ice, and she did. We talked about our mutual connections, our alma mater, plans for the future, and the prince of living. You know, the midlife millennial crisis conversations. The conversation turned into something that was just normal. I think what I learned the most from this photoshoot is that your mind and perceptions of people can make something bigger than what it actually is.

Like the old saying goes. " you can't judge a book by it's cover." I find myself learning and adapting with each photoshoot. I think this is a wonderful way to grow as a photographer. I am constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone and I enjoy it. I don't like getting too comfortable. I find myself becoming irritable and bored. Working with different models, traveling to new places, learning new things. I welcome these new challenges with open arms.